Today marks the official one month birthday of this site.  During that time, there have been about 600 visitors and almost 3,000 page views.  The average visit length currently stands at an astounding 5 minutes and 20 seconds per visit.  You can see my Site Meter here.

Thanks to everyone who's visited.  I hope you've found something of value here and will spread the word. 

When I started my business, I found it very difficult to find information and news about patient flow and medical connectivity.  By posting here, I hope to perform a small service to you in the health care industry and generate some discussion around these important topics. 

Several hospitals and companies have been making repeated visits -- welcome!  One company added this site to their internal Intranet; I can't think of a greater compliment for my efforts.  You are all welcome to use my content non-commercially per the terms of the Creative Commons license on the left.  An attribution and link to this site would be appreciated.

As Larry Springer of The Grape Choice says (as he pours during his regular wine tastings), "'s all about commerce."  And the main reason behind this site is to spread the word about my professional services.  If there is some way I can help you out, please let me know.

You can help me by providing feedback; let me know what you like (and don't like) and suggest improvements.  If an entry on the site grabs you, leave a comment; tell us more, provide a correction or rebuttal.

Finally, thanks to those who have linked to my site: Mike Kauffman of the Biomedtalk listserv, Neil Versel at his Clinical IT blog, HIStalk, and Healthcare