In a continuation of a previous post, I've found 2 more sites that reflect emergency department overcrowding and diversions in real or near-real time.  The first is MIEMSS, the Maryland Institute for Emergency Medical Services Systems. The far left column on the bottom half of their site has a section titled CHATS (for County Hospital Alerts Tracking System).  Below CHATS are links to three different regions of the state, listing all the hospitals in that region and color coded status for various degrees of overcrowding and bypass.

This Friday shows 13 out of 58 hospitals showing some sort of divert status (that's 22 percent). The MIEMSS Annual Report notes (page 15) that emergency room overcrowding has gotten more acute in the current reporting period (2003-2004) than in previous years, with record peaks during the flu and respiratory season.  While not as cool as the Med Media website that the Emergency Health Services Federation in Pennsylvania has, the MIEMSS site is informative and updated regularly.

Our second status site covers 17 Montreal area hospitals. This site is updated at 8 am daily.  For each hospital the site shows "stretcher capacity", i.e., beds, occupied stretchers and stretchers occupied for more than 48 hours (yikes!).  As of 8am this morning (Friday, March 18, 2005), capacity was at 120 percent, and 79 patients had been boarded more than 48 hours waiting for a hospital room.