Since January, this site has had over 3,600 visits and almost 10,000 page views, average visit length is at 3:29. Thanks to everyone who's visited, and especially those of you who've called or emailed me with feedback, suggestions and corrections.

Yes, even though I am a connectologist, I do make mistakes and I encourage everyone to keep me on the up and up. Take advantage of the comments link at the bottom of each post to share your knowledge and experience, your outrage, or provide corrections when I get things wrong. While compliments are always appreciated, it is the corrections that I think are the most important. Every comment left generates an email notification so I am sure to read every one, and will update any post accordingly. Comments can be either anonymous or you may identify yourself. Abusive comments will be deleted.

Here's my corrections policy: any erroneous post will have an update at the bottom of the post noting the correction. The original error (unless its egregious) will remain so that a chronology is maintained that reflects changes over time. (Otherwise, I could just change the post and republish, but readers who had seen the post before the correction might be confused -- and besides, I'm not pretending to be infallible.)

Let me also encourage you to email me with news about your experiences, rumors, or other things concerning connectivity that might interest the rest of us. I will keep identities anonymous unless requested otherwise.

This is probably a good time to talk about ethics. Like many of you, I sign confidentiality agreements from time to time. I take these NDAs very seriously and do not discuss anything covered by those agreements. The same goes for consulting engagements with both hospitals and vendors. Nothing is disclosed in any way without prior permission from the client. I will be glad to disclose current clients upon request, and entertain certain limited non compete restrictions. My reputation is based largely on ethical behavior, and along with my knoweldge and techniques, forms the bedrock of my consulting practice.

You should know that all web sites generate server logs that tell me about visitors to my site. Rest assured I can't tell what you're wearing or whether you brushed your teeth this morning (thankfully). I'm proud of my readers, and I know where many of you come from and how often you visit. You can see much of this info yourself, by clicking on the Site Meter logo below the Google Search box on the right site of this web page.

Finally, what do you think of the photos? Its been fun adding them, and visiting NTI was a great opportunity to get some interesting shots.