To date, I've chosen not to post about David Brailer and government involvement in driving greater health care IT adoption and standardization; these topics are really beyond medical device connectivity (although they are major drivers for additional device connectivity). However, this caught my eye.

Last fall, HHS issued an RFI for comments on how a national health information network should be structured, financed and governed. Now, the department has released an 80-page summary (pdf file) of the 512 responses it received (press release here).

“The responses from the RFI yielded one of the richest and most descriptive collections of thoughts on interoperability and health information exchange that has likely ever been assembled in the U.S.,” said David J. Brailer, M.D., Ph.D., National Coordinator for Health Information Technology. “In reviewing these responses, we were able to take advantage of leading health IT expertise across the federal enterprise, a solid example of collaboration on health IT across the federal government.”