Since EMR adoption is the main driver to medical connectivity, I thought I'd post another article from Healthcare Informatics. This one
describes various EMR implementation strategies, from the single vendor
solution (are you sitting down? $15 million to $20 million) to best of
breed combos, and even open source. One of my favorites, Wellogic, gets a mention as an interoperability provider for facilitating best of breed strategies.

Hospitals without piles of money will need to be creative. With
rumblings of health care software commoditization, no one wants to buy
a gold plated solution at the peak of market prices. Open source
software or packages from companies like Wellogic offer real

One consultant who is skeptical of the core-versus-best-of-breed debate
is James Shriver, vice president of the New England region for
Dallas-based Affiliated Computer Services Inc. (ACS) (formerly Superior
Consultant Company). Boston-based Shriver believes that software in
healthcare is moving toward commoditization, as it has in other major
industries. "The real question is," he says, "how do you take the
technology and map that to the strategic business issues facing the