SNOMED International, the publisher of SNOMED CT Clinical Terminology, agreed to work with Health Level Seven
to give the HL7 Reference Information Model a standardized health care
terminology. The result of this effort will facilitate information
systems interoperability.

The Reference Information Model (RIM)
is a large pictorial representation of the clinical data (domains) that
identifies the life cycle of events that a message or groups of related
messages will carry. It is a shared model between all the domains and
as such is the model from which all domains create their messages. The
agreement will help advance work to bind SNOMED CT to the RIM. SNOMED
CT will provide the RIM with a standardized healthcare terminology
including comprehensive coverage of diseases, clinical findings,
therapies, procedures and outcomes. It provides the core general
terminology for the electronic health record (EHR) and contains more
than 357,000 concepts with unique meanings and formal logic-based
definitions organized intohierarchies.