Jane Phillips Medical Center (JPMC) is using AT&T Natural Voices from Wizzard Software
to announce codes and other overhead pages. JPMC was experiencing
inadequate paging coverage because some areas of the hospital cannot
hear overhead pages. They even experienced a total paging system
failure. Their solution was to annunciate pages through PCs connected
to the hospital's network.

To solve these problems, South created Code Alert using AT&T
Natural Voices to enable it with a highly intelligible,
natural-sounding voice. To send a message throughout the hospital, an
operator chooses the appropriate code color from a visual selection and
types the location of the alert. The message can be as simple as "Code
Blue Room 671", or more complex like "First Responders - Front entrance
of the medical ark center." The message is broadcast across the network
and a listening module in each client computer grabs the information,
brings up a color-coded window on the screen, and speaks the message in
a clear, natural-sounding voice. All hospital employees within earshot
of a computer will hear the message.