Last week Stinger Medical (cool new website design) announced a deal with BioPassword to provide a "device-free" biometric authentication
to their carts. BioPassword uses the unique typing rhythms, or
"keystroke dynamics", to identify users. Combined with a logon and
password, BioPassword provides two factor authentication without additional hardware.

One of the biggest barriers to the adoption of two factor
authentication has been the requirement for a smart card reader,
fingerprint reader, iris or retinal scanner, or some other pricey piece
of hardware. BioPassword may have broken the hardware barrier.
According to Wired Magazine,

Combined with a password, typing style is an effective identifier. Only
1 in 50 tries yields a false rejection, and just 1 in 1,000 gets
wrongly accepted.

BioPassword is an Internet bubble resurrection, based on the 2002
acquisition of Net Nanny's assets, including the patents on which the
BioPassword technology is based. The Net Nanny division of the company
was sold in 2004 so that the company could focus its entire development
and sales efforts on the BioPassword product line. BioPassword is on
such a roll that they've even snagged Greg Wood, Microsoft's former
Chief Security Officer as CTO/EVP. The company is privately held.