Irish market research firm Research and Markets has released a new study
on the RFID market in health care. The €1,386.00 report outlines
drivers and barriers to mass market RFID adoption. It even "uncovers
the RFID value chain and its players," which sounds very important.
This report seems to offer more of a high level market overview, which contrasts with a recently announced study coming out from Spyglass Consulting.

Trends in RFID
is scheduled to be released by Gregg Malkary of
Spyglass in August. Gregg's reports offer detailed views at the current
state of new technology adoption in hospitals, and this RFID study is
no exception. Here are some teaser findings from the study.

  • HCOs are investing in RFID today better
    understand the viability of the technology and to figure out how to
    leverage RFID to solve real problems within their organizations
  • Active solutions are propelling growth in RFID in healthcare
    with hospitals primarily deploying active rather than passive RFID
    solutions for tracking assets and patients. With RFIDs, hospitals are
    achieving a compelling ROI to help increase operational efficiency and
    improve the quality of care.
  • Passive RFID solutions lack a compelling business case.
    Hospitals are having difficulties identifying a compelling business
    case to justify an investment in passive RFID for patient safety and
    inventory/supply chain management solutions.
  • RFID solutions are not ready for large-scale, enterprise-wide deployment
    due to hospital concerns about network infrastructure, network
    scalability, application availability, and systems integration

At about the same price as the Research and Markets report, the
Spyglass report is 3 times the size and appears to offer more detailed
insights into why hospitals are buying RFID (or not), and resulting

[Hat tip Mobile Health Data]