Regular visitor Tracey B. was kind enough to alert me to HarmonizeIT,
a patient flow software application. From the description on their web
site, this app provides bed management and process control with the
objective of improving patient throughput. HarmonizeIT has three main

HarmonyControl is the basic bed management module. Bed board displays
are supported on plasma screens, PCs and PDA clients. Bed turnover
workflow is tracked and optimized through this module as well. Workflow
events are captured through telephone entry. The module also includes a
"dashboard" providing graphical and statistical reports.

HarmonySpeed applies statistical analysis to past hospital performance
to anticipate patient discharges, queuing up support departments like
case management, diagnostic departments, housekeeping and transport.

HarmonyGoals allows users to set site-specific performance targets and
tracks performance to those targets. When performance targets are
exceeded a proprietary alerts and escalation engine raises the alarm,
providing quicker interventions and improved performance over time.

There is an interesting business model behind HarmonyIT. The system is a product of VB Studios, Inc.,
a design and engineering company that they call a "virtual business
studio." Much like a movie studio, VB Studios provides infrastructure
and business services to a "virtual" team operating across the US.