Last week Partners HealthCare System was hit by a computer worm
that also impacted computers world wide. The malicious code hit
computers in 4 of their 5 hospitals. Fortunately, patient care and
safety was not compromised. Partners has about 55,000 computerized
devices connected to their network, only 800 computers were infected.

Responding to an alert of a vulnerability last week by Microsoft Corp.,
Partners computer experts had already installed preventive measures on
the most sensitive records systems by the time the worm attacked
Saturday night, said John Glaser, Partners chief information officer.

No word on whether any medical devices were infected with the worm.
This worm targeted the Windows 2000 operating system; most
Microsoft-based medical devices use Windows NT or Windows XP.

In a case of perfect timing, Healthcare IT News has a Daily News item
highlighting the need to address medical device security. Many medical
devices are susceptible to malicious software, many times rendering
them inoperable.