Isn't that photo below of the IV pump cool? I think so. Every time I do
a web log post -- or a PowerPoint presentation -- I check company web
sites for stock photos they make available for the press, sales
prospects, customers looking to justify that upgrade, and others. So
few vendors provide any kind of images (even their boring old logos)
for use by others.

So here's some free marketing advice; put graphic files of your
logo, technology and product shots on your website. The best place for
them is under "press room" or with your press releases. Product shots
should include beauty shots on a white background (like the Hospira
pump below) first and second, if you have them, "in use" action shots.
Don't assume everyone has Photoshop, and include resolutions
appropriate for both the web and PowerPoint. The print media guys might
even pick up a shot or two if you include files suitable for their use.