The latest Grand Rounds is up at The Haversian Canal (that's the small canal in bone that conducts blood and other substances). Niels did me a great honor with his comments on my entry:

Inspired by a reader, the connectologist struggles with the fundamental
problem in medical technology: so what's this data good for? [Ed: this
also comes up in the military, particularly in the tech heavy Navy's
combat information centers aboard ships where shoot-don't-shoot
decisions are made without ever seeing the attacker. Life-and-death
decisions are intimately tied to the information the decision-maker has
at the time. Anything that enters that relationship between the
decision-maker and their information is bound to be caught up in the
painful struggle].

Niels is a Navy lieutenant currently enrolled at Tulane medical school.
Be sure to check out the rest of this well written (and I don't mean
just the above section) weekly installment of Grand Rounds.