This story caught my eye. It seems that nobody cares about mobile data, and that includes carriers.
When I was at AT&T Wireless (AWS), I was certainly skeptical of
many of the hair brained wireless data services for consumers -- who really wants
to watch TV on their cell phone or receive location aware ads on your
phone from the pizza place you're driving by? Wireless data for
business was pretty limited: email is obvious, field service dispatch
ditto, there's vending machine telemetry ("service me, I'm empty"), and
then there's health care. AWS had a whole division dedicated to
wireless data, most of which lost money and was supported by the cash
cows ring tones and wallpapers.

Both Cingular and Sprint
have health care bus dev types who will work with vendors to establish
services. It seems Sprint's gotten the most traction in health care, at
least some by leveraging QualComm's QConnect provisioning system for medical vendors (carriers are notorious for spotty provisioning service).