A couple of the big analyst firms, Gartner and Frost, have published thoughts on what it all means. For a different perspective, here's another pithy quote from HIStalk on the acquisition:

Anonymous Reader:
"Scuttlebutt about GE/IDX quite interesting.
Big question seems to be do they understand integration requirements and
challenges and will they invest sufficiently  Noted your reader (and
others) continue to say GE doesn't support OR (related to Picis remarks) when in
fact one of their early acquisitions was iPath - then an up and coming and well
regarded OR system (see early KLAS scores). Since they acquired iPath,
they've not only failed to enhance it and grow the market, people now don't
even remember it and clearly not a big player - not on anyone's radar
screen I know. Similar situation with Logician. Does this foretell the future of Carecast?
Does GE understand the EMR market and depth of knowledge, expertise and
investments needed to survive? If the past is any indication, the answer is no."

Good points. Getting bought by GE seems to mean being pushed into semi-obscurity.
It seems most analysts are assuming that CareCast was not the prize in this
deal, especially since it wasn't selling anyway. Having experienced developers
(or at least designers) should be of value, however. Maybe they'll cannibalize
the old Phamis group and send them off to Utah to work with IHC.