AMI Semiconductor is in the news again, this time with an implantable glucose monitoring system. Glucose monitoring vendor DexCom is using the AMI ultra-low power wireless ASIC system-on-chip. From the press release:

"The wireless frequency band used in this application is the
402-405MHz medical implant communication service (MICS) band, which is
reserved for communication with implantable devices. Our ASTRIC
technology with its quick start oscillator proved crucial to reach the
very low power consumption allowed for the RF communication," said Kirk
Peterson, AMIS wireless product manager.

The specifications
for the AMIS solution were developed in close collaboration between the
engineering teams at DexCom and AMIS and required extremely low power
consumption due to implant longevity and size restrictions. The total
average current drain from the battery is less than 3uA. The AMIS SoC
includes a 32kHz oscillator, current and voltage references,
high-precision analog-to-digital converter (ADC), digital filtering and
sensor bias running at 100-percent duty cycle, and a low-duty RF

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