The Indianapolis Star has a story today about health care IT adoption in the Indianapolis area. the Clarian North Medical Center, a bar-code
system will be used to help make sure the right patient is given the
correct medication. Bar codes placed on nurses' badges, patients'
bracelets and drug packaging all will be tied to an electronic medical
record. "We're hoping that will reduce error to zero," he [Daniel Evans, chief executive of Clarian Health Partners] said.

Clarian also is in the midst of upgrades at its three Downtown hospitals.

Riley and Indiana University hospitals, by the middle of next year
caregivers will begin to use wireless devices to electronically record
patient information and vital signs, according to Rich Johnson,
Clarian's chief information officer. A similar effort is planned for
Methodist Hospital for 2007.

Riverview Hospital in Noblesville plans in June to begin phasing in a
$4 million software system for recording patient information and
providing caregivers with protocols for treating patients.

[Hat tip: iHealthBeat]