Devicescape Software launched their Secure Wireless Client
today. Medical device vendors looking to embed their own component
radios could benefit from incorporating a full featured secure client
that supports a broad range of security schemes (including Cisco
extensions). From Wi-Fi Networking News:

Devicescape’s advantage in the embedded market, Flinchbaugh [Glenn Flinchbaugh, Devicescape’s Marketing VP] said, comes
from a history in the field that’s allowed them to reduce the size of
the Wi-Fi software stack to a fairly tiny size. He pointed out that
Windows XP’s WPA2 client is 70 MB, and that a typical OpenSSL package
for SSL/TLS sessions could require 1 MB. The SSL component that
Devicescape licenses and integrates is 100 K.

Flinchbaugh pointed out that WPA2 support has lagged in
embedded devices because the AES encryption method that’s mandatory for
certification has a higher toll on processors, requiring more expensive
chips. “They can’t get the bill of materials cost to where they need it
to be with AES encryption,” he said. “We’re embedded specialists, so we
understand all the issues about weird operating systems and weird
microprocessors and small amounts of memory.”

[Hat tip: Wi-Fi Networking News]