PatentSearch announced
a professional-level patent searching database, including powerful
searching and document organization features, a reminder service, and
more, for free.

“The fact that companies like Delphion, who are already charging users
$95 per month or more to search their database, charge a substantial
fee to simply download a patent is ridiculous.
provides patent searching and downloading for free,” says James Ryley,
President of Ryley was previously the President
of Patent Complete, LLC, a patent searching firm specializing in
technology-related inventions. uses a custom patent database that provides
powerful searching features such as word stemming, search term
weighting, and proximity searching, and allows U.S. patents and patent
applications, and European patents to be searched simultaneously.
Patent images are available in TIFF or PDF format. also provides account features for the
professional patent searcher, including an alert service, portfolios to
organize documents, the ability to share portfolios with other users,
and the ability to export document data to Excel.

How do they do it? Volume! Oh, sorry, they have Google ads - a small price to pay. The link to their web site is here.

[Hat tip: The Invent Blog]