ParcoTagTo celebrate their fifth year in business, Parco (the Ultra Wide Band RFID vendor) is offering a small pilot project kit at a discount.

Wireless announced today the release of "Shepherd" a new package
designed to enable biomedical and material management staff to
easily and cost effectively determine whether RFID tracking is
appropriate for their institution. This package will be specially
priced to help celebrate Parco's 5th Anniversary which begins in 2006.

Parco Shepherd system consists of 20 Parco RFID tags and 1 Door Reader
(Parco Part Number HWFBR-SYS.) The tags have a 4+ year battery life and
can easily be attached to mobile assets such as wheelchairs, litters,
infusion pumps, patient worn cardiac monitors and other high value
mobile devices. The tags signal between 1 and 8 times per second
(factory programmed) and are permanently sealed to provide better
protection from moisture. The tags are compatible with all existing and future Parco RFID Tracking Systems.

Door Reader is a new Parco product which is easily mounted above a door
in the hospital's lobby. The reader is powered using an external
transformer. The unit has a bright strobe-type light attached to the
front. When a tag approximates a distance of 10 feet or less from the
door the strobe-type light flashes alerting the security guard nearby
that a tagged asset is about to leave the building. The Door Reader has
an on/off switch, power transformer plug, reset button, power light and
an input/output port which will support expansion devices including a
planned WiFi interface.

Some restrictions apply.