IntelliDOT Corporation, a meds administration and workflow automation vendor, today announced that the company
has signed a three-year agreement with Novation, the supply company of
VHA Inc. and the University HealthSystem Consortium. Under terms of the
agreement, IntelliDOT will provide discounts on its handheld bedside
scanning technology, the CAREt(TM) System, to the health care alliances'
member hospitals.

Automated meds administration systems are standing at less than 3%
adoption in the US. Hopefully, this Novation contract with help
increase the adoption of technology that research has proven can help
improve patient safety. The IntelliDOT system is based on a unique
wireless handheld device (802.11b radio) that incorporates a 4 line
text display and bar code reader. The system supports meds
administration, view work lists and clinical reminders, send messages
for in-room services and to other nurses, and other applications. It
looks like this system could be integrated with patient flow
optimization software to manage bed turnover by tracking patient and
room status.