Patient Care Technology Systems announced a new software release at the National Symposium on Emergency Department Information Systems today.

The new release will integrate the functions of the company's two primary software systems; Amelior EDTracker(TM), a passive-based patient and asset tracking solution and Amelior ED, an information management system featuring computer-based nurse and physician charting, order management and clinical decision support for documenting the care of emergency department patients. Combining the functionalities of both systems in Amelior ED 2.0 provides emergency departments the ability to incorporate real-time patient and asset movement data as they document and manage patient care. The integration of the systems also provides extensive reporting capabilities to analyze patient flow.

The passive tracking software minimizes data entry by hospital staff by automatically tracking the movement of patients and mobile medical equipment using wireless badges worn by patients and staff and sensors placed throughout the department. Locating technologies such as infrared, active RFID, and ultra wideband are utilized. The software integrates rules-based intelligence to communicate and time-stamp key patient milestones such as caregiver interactions and order status and presents this information on electronic spreadsheet and customized map views of the department.

They've got more interesting news on their website, here.