It seems Applied Digital has come into some negative publicity (I mean beyond the usual "sign of the beast" hysteria) in the run up to taking VeriChip public. You can read Applied Digital's November 15th press release here - nothing yet on the offering's price or what percentage of the company will be sold.

We were quite surprised, in fact, to hear earlier
this year that former Health & Human Services Secretary Tommy
Thompson agreed, not only to be on their board [Applied Digital], but also to get chipped himself. Turns out, though, that he might not have really meant it. It's been some time, and Secretary Thompson hasn't convinced himself to go through with the implant
-- as he's apparently become a bit concerned about the whole thing. The
company alternatively claims he's "too busy" to get chipped or that he
"wants to see it [the
VeriChip] in a real-world environment first." You mean he didn't check
it out before agreeing to be on the board and to get one himself?

VeriChip has been quite successful in signing hospitals to deploy readers (65 hospitals to date), but this same post claims that to date only 60 people have agreed to be chipped. More on the Applied Digital and VeriChip IPO on the MoneyCentral stock board for ADSX.