A couple weeks ago I was asked about CVIS market shares and the size of the market. Agfa Heartlab was kind enough to run a print ad in December issue of Cath Lab Digest ranking the top 6 vendors in the CVIS market (from a Frost report):

Company Market Share (%)
GE Healthcare 27.1
Philips Medical Systems 23.9
Agfa Heartlab 20.3
Witt Biomedical 8.3
Siemens Medical Systems 7.6
Emageon Camtronics 5.2
Others 7.6

Others includes Evolved Digital Solutions, McKesson Medcon, Optimed Technologies, Stentor (pre Philips acquisition), and Toshiba America Medical Systems.

Frost divides their market analysis between information management and PACS. This historical approach works well in radiology where radiology information systems (RIS) were a separate market from PACS. Cardiology does not share radiology's RIS/PACS split and all cardiovascular information systems (CVIS) include RIS-equivalent information systems along with a cardiology image management or PACS capability. I guess that's how a company like Lumedx, with a cardiology PACS that's been on the market almost two years, got left off Frost's list.

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