HITmapHIMSS, in conjunction with the Center for Health Information and Decision Systems at the University of Maryland Robert H. Smith School of Business, has released a new web site that tracks more than 500 community health data sharing projects in the US. Known as the "HIT Dashboard" and based on almost a years worth of research, the site provides a comprehensive (possibly the most comprehensive) listing of RHIOs and other projects linking physicians, hospitals, and payors.

Seven categories of projects are tracked:

There are three levels of access to the site; the general public can see icons that represent projects on a map, HIMSS members can view project name and location, and subscribers get full access to all data available on each project.

So far, HIMSS has just a handful of paying members.
"It seems like the pharma and life sciences companies are quickest on
the uptake," [David] Clark [Director of Integration and Interoperability for HIMSS] says.

Quickest on the uptake, or have the biggest budgets? Given the immense cost in developing and bringing to market new drugs, there's a ton of money to be saved by pharma in leveraging national electronic health records (based no a standard data set). I would not be surprised if the pharma industry ended up playing a major role in financing EMR adoption, especially among physicians.

UPDATE: An email to HIMSS about subscription costs got the reply that, "we are in the process of repackaging the HIT Dashboard service."

[Hat tip: iHealthBeat]