Glenn Fleishman from Wi-Fi Network News offers wireless networking predictions for this year - and he's pretty confident about them. Glenn offers views on 802.11n and network security, plus the following:

Multiple 3G cell data networks will be in every major U.S. city.
We’re not far off already, but Cingular, Sprint, and Verizon will have
hit all major metro markets with competitive, overlapping service,
which should push prices down.

3G operators will offer better Wi-Fi plans and VoIP.
Despite Verizon’s anti-Wi-Fi advertisements that misstate EVDO’s
strengths and Wi-Fi’s weakness, Verizon will join the Wi-Fi fray.
Cingular, Sprint, and Verizon will all offer phones that work over
Wi-Fi or cell networks, although seamless handoff is still probably not
in the cards.