BIOTRONIK has announced the market release of their Cylos DR-T pacemaker with "closed loop simulation" and "home monitoring."

Home Monitoring automatically transmits intracardiac events via
wireless technology allowing the physician to view vital patient
information on a secure website at anytime, from anywhere, within
minutes of the event occurring. In the instance of a cardiac event such
as an atrial arrhythmia, the wireless system incorporated in the Cylos
DR-T pacemaker will automatically and immediately transmit this record
to the physician's office without requiring any patient involvement.

Home Monitoring is invaluable for several reasons: recording of what
would otherwise be difficult-to-detect arrhythmia episodes, immediate
notification of severe events such as lead dislodgement and device
end-of-service, as well as maintenance of a database of events and
device trends.

Perhaps someone from BIOTRONIK can invite me out to their facility so I can write up a more detailed description of their connectivity capabilties.