Last fall I was asked to participate in the Edelman/Technorati blog survey of business bloggers. The idea was to better understand bloggers' attitudes towards corporations and PR firms. The results were intended to help Richard Edelman advise his clients about the blogosphere and possibly creating their own corporate blogs. You can view the results here.

The primary reason that respondents blogged was to establish credibility and gain visibility, closely followed by creating a record of thoughts, and connecting with others. Most blog every few days or daily. The vast majority would like to receive product samples from companies in order to evaluate products on their blog - I certainly fall into this category. I would love to try out that new GE LightSpeed VCT; but I'll pass on getting "chipped."

Almost 50% of bloggers are never contacted by companies or their PR minions, and that's a shame. A few vendors have contacted me, usually resulting in a post. These vendor contacts come in handy when helping clients too. There's also a bunch of survey questions about trustworthiness and how blog entries are corrected.