It's official - yours truly has been appointed to MX Magazine's Editorial Advisory Board. MX Magazine targets medical device vendors; their tag line is Business Strategies for Medical Technology Executives.

Throughout 2006, MX will be announcing members of an editorial
advisory board that will help to guide the overall direction and
content of the publication. Members of the board will include a variety
of experts drawn from industry, government, finance, legal affairs, and
academic organizations, each with specialized expertise in the business
of medical technology.

In this issue, MX is pleased to present the first members of
the advisory councils for two rapidly changing areas of critical
importance to medtech executives: information technologies (IT) and
reimbursement affairs.

The other IT person named to the advisory board is Janet Dillione, CEO of the healthcare information technology division of Siemens Medical Solutions USA.

As vendors start to think about tackling automation at the point of care, medical device vendors and HIT vendors are both eyeing medical device integration as an attractive market segment. And any vendor who's willing to change their business model - device vendors supporting general purpose computing platforms, and HIT vendors putting 510(k)s on some software - has a real chance to be successful. I suspect a good bit of this story will play out on the pages of MX Magazine.