Cardiology has long been - as cardiologists would put it - more "scientific" than radiology. Cardiologists have been doing structured reporting for years. DICOM SR, or Structured Reporting, can be a vehicle for bringing structured reporting to general radiological exams.

DICOM SR can also make a big impact in cardiology beyond report generation. One of the intended applications for Structured Reporting is the capture of numeric values and waveforms from hemodynamic monitors and integrating that data into the diagnostic report. While DICOM SR has been in the works for years and is in its final form, it has yet to be adopted by any of the big CVIS vendors. It seems that few vendors want to let go of some of the remaining bits of proprietary integration that can be used to lock in their installed base and erect competitive barriers.

I came across this paper, which provides a nice overview of DICOM SR, doing some research for a client. Enjoy!