Admittedly a bit off topic, this story in USA Today describes in detail ways in which the military is advancing medicine.

New ways of healing are as much a product of war as are new ways of
killing. To save lives on the battlefield, medical innovations are born
in days rather than in years, military and civilian doctors say. And as
with wars past, the new ways of treating the injured and sick in Iraq
and Afghanistan [...] could have benefits beyond
the battlefield.

Some very cool new technologies and devices are described. A staunch left wing paper, USA Today can't resist making things sound worse than they are with comments about, "a river of casualties." Referring to the Air Force's wounded airlift capability; they make it sound as if "thousands of casualties from the war zone" are airlifted daily.

Pictured right is a C-17 configured to transport the wounded for more advanced care at larger hospitals in Europe and then the US. These planes have networked patient monitors with a central station, and even sport ventilators.