Kansas based Via Christi is the latest health care delivery system to adopt a remote ICU patient management system. Their $7 million system, dubbed "eCare-ICU" will go live April 4, 2006. They will be serving outlying hospitals in their own system initially, but are also targeting other hospitals. They estimate they will be monitoring 173 ICU beds by January of 2007, including their hospital in Pittsburg.

Besides seeing a return on its investment in as little as two years,
Via Christi officials say the potential to save lives is tremendous.
They estimate as many as one in four ICU patients' lives will be saved
at its four participating hospitals -- more than 150 people in the
first year alone.

Via Christi is the first hospital in Kansas to hook up to an
off-site electronic monitoring system and one of only about 150
hospitals nationwide that have installed the technology.

Via Christi plans to sell monitoring service to other hospitals
throughout Kansas. It already has had several hospitals express
interest, said Janell Moerer, vice president for business development.

There is no mention of which vendor is providing the system. And yes, the picture at right is a VisICU eICU site, but the e-Care ICU must have a similar set up.

UPDATE: It's been confirmed, that this is a Visicu installation.