Forrester reports that HIT spending is set to increase by 3.1 percent this year. The bulk of the growth is centered in clinical software in larger hospitals and IDNs. Hospitals are also increasing their investment in data storage. As most hospitals have at least started their adoption of PACS, many are looking at how they can leverage their archive for cardiology and other disparate data generators in the enterprise.

“Hospitals are operating on a different business cycle than other
industries,” [Eric] Brown [vice president of healthcare and life sciences at Forrester] said. “The fortunes of most companies go up and down
with the economy or as competition heats up. There’s a different set of
drivers that have to do with regulation, reform, product design,
demographics and rapidly rising pharmaceutical costs. That speeds up
the cycle.”

Heath care is definitely a strange beast when compared to other industries. However in the 20 odd years I've been in health care, I've yet to see these differences drive market adoption that is anywhere close to rates in other industries.