I wrote a while back that ARM and Handshake had announced a deal to develop a clockless processor chip. Well, they've announced that the chip is done. The chip, affectionately called the ARM996HS, is intended for embedded systems where low power and very low EMI is critical.

Although reduced power consumption, due to the lack of clock
circuitry, is one benefit the clockless design also produces a low
electromagnetic signature because of the diffuse nature of digital
transitions within the chip.

Because clockless processors consume zero dynamic power when there is
no activity, they can significantly extend battery life compared with
clocked equivalents.

The processor can be used in both synchronous and asynchronous system-on-chip designs, and should integrate well with analog components in mixed signal systems-on-chips (or SOCs for the cognoscenti). This chip could be ideal for component radios, wireless medical devices, wireless sensors or gateways.