OQO has released a tablet edition of their pocketable Windows PC - or UMPC (ultra mobile personal computer) as The hand held computer now sports Windows XP Tablet Edition and a touchscreen, a larger 30GB hard drive, and USB 2.0 support. Here's a blurb on Gizmodo, and review at TrustedReviews. Here's some good context from TrustedReviews:

With all of the fuss surrounding Microsoft's Origami launch at CEBIT and Intel's more recent UMPC (ultra mobile PC) announcements you'd be forgiven for thinking that making PCs really small was a revolutionary new concept. What a great idea – cramming all of the functionality of a desktop PC into an easily portable package. Why hadn't anyone thought of that before?Of course nothing could be further from the truth. Computer manufacturers have been striving to build the smallest machines imaginable ever since the first 'portable' home computer gave its unfortunate owner a hernia trying to lug it from desk to boot of car.

Way back in the late Nineties Toshiba with its Libretto released the tiniest laptop the industry had ever seen – and it’s still not far off being that now with the firm has reviving the range. And over a year before Microsoft and Intel started to get the mainstream press over-excited OQO was quietly developing a UMPC all of its own.

In early 2005 OQO launched its model 1 – probably the smallest (and sexiest) machine yet to run full-blown Windows. It was little larger than a standard PDA, had the sort of build quality you’d be more likely to associate with military hardware, and it had the coolest sliding screen which smoothly rolled back on a rack-and pinion-system to reveal a full blown QWERTY keyboard, complete with number pad, underneath.

I know I'm showing my age here, but does anyone remember the Osborne - the world's first "luggable"? Someone had better be writing a killer app for this device. Yes, its not inexpensive (around $2,000) but its no more expensive than a ruggedized PDA, and has many more advantages.