Smart pump vendor Hospira is the first infusion pump vendor to validate their medical device on InnerWireless' "Wireless Utility."

MedNet® safety software can communicate over a hospital's wireless
network with modules in Hospira infusion devices, such as Plum A+®
(general infusion), Plum A+®3 (triple-channel), and LifeCare
PCA® (patient-controlled analgesia) medication management systems.
The InnerWireless Medical-grade Wireless Utility is a full-coverage
infrastructure that helps guarantee wireless coverage throughout the hospital,
linking key clinical data.

The press release also notes that 84% of hospitals in the U.S. have adopted wireless LANS (according to the latest HIMSS Leadership Survey).

Having to verify wireless medical devices for a specific kind of WLAN infrastructure represents a big barrier to adoption for deice companies. Rather than reprioritizing roadmaps, perhaps a better strategy is to avoid the revalidation altogether. I have some thoughts on that - anyone with an opinion or an interest in exchanging ideas is welcome to give me a call.