Well, at least one of my pet peeves has been validated by a national research study. According to a story in iHealthBeat,

More than 80% of U.S. adults say the results of federally funded
research on health issues and other subjects should be available online
at no cost to doctors and the general public, according to a recently
released online Harris Interactive poll of 2,501 adults, the Wall Street Journal Online reports.

There are huge groups in both the public and among health care professionals who would benefit from access to tax payer funded research studies, and will never subscribe to journals. Of course, if the journals offered individual articles for a nominal fee (say $2 to $5) this issue would have never come up. And no one who's already a subscriber, or thinking about subscribing, is going to download individual studies in .PDF and print them out in order to avoid a subscription. If these publishers focused on meeting new customer requirements rather than resisting change, they could probably offer free access to some users while increasing subscription revenues.