Washington insider website, The Hill, has an article on medical device lobbyists. They note that the medical device lobby has raised it's profile of late, tackling issues like reimbursement and the regulatory approval process. Following is the line up of lobbyists representing the interests of the medical device industry:

Advanced Medical Technology Association (AdvaMed): Stephen Ubl, Megan Ivory, Seth Radus
took over last summer and set in motion plans to crank up AdvaMed’s
lobbying clout. A fellow lobbyist described Ubl as “a triple-A
superweight.” Ubl bolstered his policy shop with David Nexon, from the
office of Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-Mass.), and Ann-Marie Lynch, from the
House Ways and Means Committee.

Boston Scientific: Steven La Pierre
Scientific finally completed its acquisition of rival Guidant this
year. All the while it’s been capably represented in Washington by La
Pierre, who commands respect among his peers. La Pierre is “probably
the best shoe-leather lobbyist that the industry has,” one source

Medtronic: Peter Slone
This experienced lobbyist
plays a leading role in the device industry’s efforts to get the U.S.
government to open overseas markets to new medical devices. Slone is a
former BKSH & Associates lobbyist.

Johnson & Johnson: Susan Reardon, Jane Adams
massive, diversified company is a leader in the device industry. Adams
is a “shining star” in a group of “top-tier lobbyists” at J&J, a
colleague said.

Edwards Lifesciences: Neleen Eisinger
Eisinger left a job with Sen. Kent Conrad (D-N.D.) to join Edwards and is viewed as a talented up-and-comer.

Medical Device Manufacturers Association (MDMA): Mark Leahey
helms the MDMA, which represents smaller companies. The group was
founded in 1992 as a rift widened between the big and small factions of
the industry. That divide has recently begun to close, lobbyists said.

Alpine Group: Jay Hawkins
Hawkins, a former
senior aide to Sen. Jim Jeffords (I-Vt.), joined this small shop after
the breakup of Bergner, Bockorny, Castagnetti, Hawkins & Brain. He
represents AdvaMed.

Jeffrey J. Kimbell & Associates: Jeff Kimbell
energetic Kimbell was the MDMA’s first executive director. He moved on
to start his own firm a few years ago and has been adding clients at a
pace that has impressed colleagues. “He’s got a great book now,” one
person admiringly observed.

Walter Consulting: Sarah Walter
This former
senior aide to then-Sen. John Breaux (D-La.) left Venn Strategies last
year to launch a one-woman operation and brought along clients
including Boston Scientific and the MDMA.

McManus Group: John McManus
“He’s on every
list,” one source remarked. The former senior aide to the House Ways
and Means Committee works the GOP side for AdvaMed.

Capitol Hill Strategies: Chuck Brain
Brain is
newer to the medical-device industry than others on this list, but the
veteran Democrat is respected for his work ethic and quick
understanding of the issues, on both the policy and political sides.
Brain represents AdvaMed.

I expect to see a name associated with the Continua Health Alliance soon...