How's that for a marketing tag line? The company associated with this tag line, Impluse Monitoring, just closed $9 million in Series A funding. The company provides a
monitoring service that alerts surgeons during a procedure if a patient
shows signs of nerve or vascular distress on the operating table.

neurophysiological monitoring, a technician places electrodes on a
patient which send signals all over the body to test for nerve and
vascular responses. The technician monitors the data and it is also
sent in real time to a remote neurologist who can confer with the
surgeon and help to fix the problem. The data is also stored by Impulse
Monitoring as a resource for surgeons.

Impulse Monitoring monitors activity of the nerves during surgery to avoid nerve damage, the largest contributor to malpractice claims against neurologists. The neurophysiological monitoring market is estimated at $500 million per year, and is made up of numerous 3 to 10 person companies across the country. The company plans to use the funds to acquire competitors and grow the business.

Hospitals use remote monitoring services because of the specialization the provide and responsiveness to erratic surgeon's schedules. The field is currently unregulated, and barriers to entry are low; many small monitoring companies are expected to crop up as demand grows. This sort of reminds me of the cardiovascular perfusion market years ago.