IHE-logoThe IHE (Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise) has a domain for medical devices called the PCD for Patient Care Device. IHE facilitates the use and validation of established standards like HL7, and DICOM to achieve a degree of plug and play integration between medical devices and information systems. This month's issue of 24x7 magazine has a nice article on the PDC. In addition to background about the PCD, the article describes the process and objectives of the group.

The PCD domain is made up of industry folks from provider organizations, vendors and free agents like your's truly. Next week there's the biannual face-to-face meeting where both the planning and technical committees get together to plan and make decisions. The meeting is conveniently being held after the AAMI conference at NIST. I understand some sort of tour of NIST is also in the works.

If anyone has any questions or requests for the PCD domain, let me know and I'll bring it up. Check back here the end of next week for a report on the meeting.