Distributed antenna system (DAS) vendor MobileAccess, raised $11 million in a round of financing lead by Ziegler Meditech Equity Partners. They're going to use the funds for "aggressive growth" and "undertake a major initiative to further penetrate the healthcare market for wireless information delivery" - no details were provided.

According to the press release, MobileAccess now has over 1,000 clients. The company claims to provide the
flexibility to simultaneously support any mix of current and future
wireless services and features a "Wire It Once" architecture that
enables customers to add new services at any time, in any place,
without disturbing the existing system or services.

The MobileAccess system is pretty compelling, but the DAS market is relatively new and unproven. Early adopters are buying in and gaining some advantages on their investments.

Pictured right is a Mobile Access equipment rack that is deployed in wiring closets throughout a building. Powered antenna elements are distributed from this module via coax cable. Racks are connected to a MobileAccess "head end" (typically in the basement) via fiber optic cable.