Jeff Kidder (Hanover Health Services) and Mitch Work (The Work Group) opened the second day. Jeff observed the common lack of realistic expectations on the part of large corporations from outside of health care who decide to go after the health care market. He talked about a number of companies that eventually pulled back, and one that reset their expectations and came back. He also plugged a book, Home Telehealth: Connecting Care Within the Community.

Mitch Work introduced the content scheduled for today, contrasting yesterday's insightful analysis of the HU market today dives into case studies of what folks are doing in the market. He also plugged the post-conference workshops (where I'll be presenting).

This is the third year of the Healthcare Unbound conference. Each year attendees and exhibitors have grown. Mitch also noted new publications targeting the HU market. There is a great growth opportunity for this market, but what can be done to facilitate growth?

  • The market needs a broadly accepted descriptive name
  • Need to market and publicize to the general health care community
  • Need to continue "missionary sales"
  • Seek affiliations with other health care associations like HIMSS, HFMA, AHIMA, AHIP and physician specialty associations.

More advice included:

  • Keep an eye on federal initiatives
  • National health record and RHIOs
  • CMS and disease management
  • HIPAA enforcement

The need for proofs (a consistent theme during the conference) was emphasized.

Pictured right is InforMedix's Med-eMonitor medication adherence solution.