According to Tom Blackadar, founder of FitSense Technology, "We're arrogant, selfish, and busy. We got on the technology train very
late. But we control the spending in our country, we don't want to die
early, and we need incredibly simple ways in which we can monitor our
own health, our kids' health, and our parents' health. We need to
provide this in a nice little package without a lot of gizmos and

The "we" he's referring to are the boomer generation, who are clamoring for health care and entitlements are legendary - at least in some minds. (press release)

This week's article in the Journal of the American Medical
Association ('Documenting Activity Energy Expenditure and Mortality
Among Older Adults') and the concurrent commentary by Stephen Blair of
the Cooper Institute in the same issue of JAMA means that we're much
closer to a world of seamless data streaming between people, medical
devices, and their healthcare providers.

"Now it's just a matter of getting all of the infrastructure in place to do it," said Blackadar.

Yeah, that will be easy. Pictured right is the FitSense FS-1 wellness system.