You must admit, the VeriChip marketing guys are the hardest working marketeers in the RFID space. Here's another bit of news: VeriChip, along with distributor and nurse call system vendor Austco Communications Systems, have installed an RFID system for infant protection, wander prevention, staff duress and asset protection. The deal, bought by Brampton Civic Hospital, in Brampton, Ontario, is valued at $750,000 (press release).

The VeriChip systems will reside on the new VeriChip platform, which is
designed to support multiple applications for facilities of any scale.
Inter-connection to the Austco nurse call system will enable staff to
receive notification remotely of all events--whether from the VeriChip
systems or the nurse call system--via any text-enabled device,
including PDAs and wireless phones.

Brampton Civic Hospital is under construction and expected to open in the fall of 2007. When completed, the hospital have 608 beds and accommodate 90,000 emergency patient visits,
160,000 ambulatory care visits and 110,000 outpatient visits annually.

Pictured right is the HALO infant tag.