A reader commented on a recent post by asking (tongue in cheek, I'm sure) what the vendor paid me to blog about their product. The short answer is nothing - I don't even have ads (yet). I generate no revenue directly from this web site. The site is the marketing vehicle for my consulting business, and presented to you as a public service to the industry. I put effort into conversing with you rather than printing fancy brochures, writing articles for magazines (although I do some of that), or calling you on the phone all the time to "network."

Some people do send me press releases, which I treat like press
releases I see on the web - if I'm so moved I'll write a post about
it. I do appreciate getting press releases directly because I'm less likely to
miss something of interest, so thanks to those of you who have me on
your media list. Comments, emails or phone calls in response to a blog post - or just to chat - are always welcome. Topics we might discuss that are not clearly related to blog posts are assumed to be confidential, unless otherwise noted. Client work is always confidential. I have non disclosure agreements with all my clients, and many who are not clients.

I wish I could claim that some rigorous analytical framework is used to determine what topics get attention here. I can't. Over time I've developed public news sources that I scan most days. I also do a fair bit of poking around the web for client projects and the pro bono work I do for industry groups. From this stream of news and info I try to pick things that are on topic with the stated purpose of this blog (see About this site, top right hand column) or that interest me in some way. Between you and me, this site also serves as a notebook where I capture tidbits of information that I can use in future consulting engagements. (I probably use that Google search box in the left hand column more than all of you combined.)

In addition to blogging about items in the news, I sometimes can't help but spout off about things. I try to keep that to a manageable level because a) people who talk too much tend to sound stupid, and b) I don't want to drive off too many of my readers. Some consultants look at sharing some of what they know as a zero sum game. That would mean that every time I share something, I lose because theoretically I've given away something that I otherwise could have sold. Without getting deep into game theory, let me just say I don't look at it that way.

Now I could get paid to blog if you would like to start your own to engage your customers - I can help, from "soup to nuts" as they say. In that case I would be getting paid but it would be on your blog, not here.

So there you have it; there really is a method to my madness. Sort of. Pictured right, my alter ego Alfred E. Neuman.