Business intelligence vendor FDA News has released a new market study targeting "wireless medical technology." They claim that the market for wireless medical technology will "blaze skyward" growing to $7 billion in the next 5 years (that's a 57.8% annual growth rate). Of course, this is health care where very few markets ever grow at the expected rate - especially if the growth rate is used to sell market reports.

The term "wireless medical technology" caught my attention. FDA News defines this market segment to include point of care systems, remote monitoring systems, data management systems and software, home medical equipment and radio frequency identification (RFID). This list of topics plus a review of the reports table of contents tells me that they've targeted anything that's wireless in the health care market. Unfortunately, with such a broad focus there are wholes in the report you could drive a truck through. (You can read the report's table of contents here.)

The wireless network technologies that are discussed do not include WMTS or MICS, major omissions that eliminate entire categories of wireless devices from the study. The report also neglects any wireless sensor technologies or vendors. Bluetooth can be used for some wireless sensors, but many applications require wireless connectivity with less power consumption and a smaller component size.

The other key criticism of the report is the brevity with which topics are documented. A mere one page goes into describing clinical and non-clinical wireless medical technology applications. Some interesting university research programs are described on one page - I've posted more on just one program, CodeBlue, than this report devotes to three academic programs. (You can find the CodeBlue posts here, and here.) The list of vendors profiled in the report is the longest section in the study, but still manages to leave out many key players. There's not even a vendor listing category for RFID vendors! Some vendors who should have been include are Vocera, ASCOM, Stinger Medical (and other computers on wheels vendors), the "smart" infusion pump vendors, FitSense, ViTel Net, InforMedix, about a dozen other remote monitoring vendors, Qualcomm, Cardiopulmonary Corp., Radianse, Ekahau, Pango, AeroScout, Versus - that's just a few of the RFID vendors... and the list could go on.

Finally, the study ends with a section on case studies. Fifteen case studies are explored in depth over 9 pages in the report. The study does take a page to discuss market drivers - the usual suspects: nurse shortage, aging patient population, rising health care costs, etc. But there doesn't appear to be any discussion about market adoption of specific solutions or technologies. Nor is there any mention of key success factors for the market adoption of wireless medical technology (not an unimportant topic, to be sure).

The good news is that the report is only $1,995. You can buy yours here.