MedGadget has an update on Hoana's Passive Sensor Array technology measures heart rate and respiration without any patient connected sensors. Hoana has updated their website considerably since my last post about them (it seems there's been some management changes as well).

Field-testing of the initial prototype demonstrated accurate, safe,
reliable and convenient measurements of heart and respiration rates,
(as compared to conventional measurement methods) including tests under
severe conditions, such as the high noise and vibration environment of
US Army Medevac helicopters.

Hoana has targeted med/surg units with the goal of reducing "failure to rescue" situations and the resulting adverse and sentinel events. Working their technology into emergency response is intriguing.

You can check out my previous posts here (funding Series C round) and here (getting their 510k). Pictured right is a snazzy new shot of the Hoana bedside display.