At the World of Health IT 2006 in Geneva from October 10 - 13, a Philips' division (called Philips FIMI) will be "showcasing" their sort-of tablet PC called ProScribe. (The tablet was launched last February, so this may be their first time to show it to the health care market.)

ProScribe is a wireless thin-client display that comes with 3 pre-installed thin clients: Citrix ICA, Microsoft RDP or Internet Explorer. The operating system is reported to be Windows XP embedded. The stripped down nature of the device (its disk and fan-free) saves weight - probably battery life, too.

According to Franco
Martegani, CEO Philips FIMI:

“Medical professionals have an increasing
need for immediate, portable and secure access to on-line data. For
example, nurses doing morning rounds want to enter blood pressure,
temperature and other relevant data into a patient electronic record
without handling any paper work.

Hmm, bad example. Data from the Philips vital signs monitor is supposed to wirelessly go right into the EMR via HL7.

The device is ruggedized; according to their press release the device is designed to withstand a 3 foot drop onto cement. But other than the ruggedization, Philips seems to have done nothing meet health care market requirements (see the list in the post below).

If anyone attends the World of Health IT conference, send me a report (which can be attributed or anonymous) and I'll post it on the blog. Pictured right is the Philips FIMI ProScribe (shown in its docking station).

UPDATE: Eric van 't Hoff from Philips FIMI was kind enough to drop me a line with updated photos of the ProScribe. Thanks Eric.