Big exhibitions like HIMSS are a great place to do business, whether
you're a health care provider or a vendor. Providers contemplating a
big purchase can learn a lot at a show like HIMSS.

The challenge is
getting past the poorly informed shills and vapor-ware demos to have a
meaningful conversation with knowledgeable people. I can help with
that. Working with you, I will develop the kind of questions vendors
would rather you not ask and line up knowledgeable folks to answer them. I will schedule the meetings, and attend them with you (to ensure key questions are answered completely),
and write up a summary after the show. If you're interested, let me know.

Vendors looking to build alliances, make business development contacts, or find out where the interesting things are to be found should also give me a call.

In addition to my blog posts from the conference, I will be meeting
with vendors and contributing to a wrap-up article on IT in Healthcare
for MX Magazine (you can see last year's write-up here). Vendors and their PR folks are welcome to contact me
to schedule meeting times.

On another note, the Meet the Bloggers event at HIMSS 2006 and resulting blog coverage seems to have made an impression. This year we will have another Meet the Bloggers event, to be complemented by an official HIMSS07 blog hosted by our own blogger, Shahid Shah.

I will be creating some web graphics to promote the Meet the Bloggers
event just like last year. Drop me a line if you'd like a
graphic, and if you have preferences on size please let me know.