The Wireless Sensor Networks blog as a post on a call for papers for the First International Workshop on Research Challenges in Next
Generation Networks for First Responders and Critical Infrastructures to be held in
New Orleans, April 11-13. Here's a description of the event:

As advances in pervasive computing, wireless communication and sensor
networks continue, more opportunities are open to first responders and
critical infrastructures to benefit from these technologies. Providing
first responders with the best possible technology, infrastructure and
services help save the lives of the general public and the first
responders as well. One of the main challenges to the operations of
first responders and critical infrastructures is to deploy a
communication network that is dependable, secure, and rapidly
deployable. In order to operate effectively, the deployed network
supports services such as location determination, audio and video
communication, and in site and remote sensing. Another key feature for
first responders and critical infrastructures networks is to support
interactions among multiple heterogeneous networks.

Sounds intriguing. Pictured right is a shot of a mass casualty drill.